Lawn Health Care

How can anyone care for your lawn without knowing its current condition?  Since 1981, our ProLawn team has been developing the best organic based lawn health care programs on the market. We have selected the best applications and sequences of treatment for Northern Virginia and Eastern West Virginia. Our licensed and certified technicians conduct a complimentary lawn evaluation and soil pH test on the first service visit.ProLawn 40th Anniversary

We know our local area has particular challenges with Japanese beetles, grubs, broadleaf weeds, wiregrass, among several other invasive weeds and insects, yet we understand that every lawn is different. The results of your lawn evaluation help us create a unique, agronomic plan for your lawn. We don’t do “cookie-cutter” programs. 

Lawn Health Care Treatments

With each service, your technician rates the lawn in three areas to gauge progress and recommend adjustments. Organic lawn health care is not a one-season “fix all”.  Organics take time to work and become sustainable. Each year’s services depend upon the lawn’s response, the weather and changing environmental conditions.

Below is a list of our most common weed control and fertilizer treatments followed by pest control, aeration and other services offered by our technicians.Lawn Health Care

* Notes: 1) We take an organic approach to lawn care and use organic based materials whenever possible. 2) Our liquid application treatments contain micronutrients.

Weed Control & Fertilizers

Seeding, Aeration, & Other Treatment Services

Lawn AerationWe offer a number of other treatments to resolve virtually any lawn issue you may have. We have it all covered from seeding and aeration to getting rid of pests and weeks. Below is a list of commonly requested treatments and services.

  • Perimeter Pest Control – treats for fleas, ticks and more including deer ticks. This treatment is safe for pets and it often requested by homeowners with dogs in the yard.
  • Fungus Control
  • Vegetation Control
  • Grub Control – helps with Japanese beetles and more.
  • Seeding – fall only

Looking for landscape services for your ornamental trees and shrubs. We do that too. Ask about our programs to help maintain the health and extend the life of your home’s trees and shrubs.

To contact us about service for your lawn, please email us at or call 1800-ProLawn (800-776-5296).