Tree & Shrub Health Care Services

A well-landscaped property adds 5.5% to 12.7% to a home’s value. For most homeowners, trees, shrubs and ornamentals represent the largest investment in their landscape.  They’re also some of the most expensive items to replace. Taking care of your trees, shrubs and ornamentals will go a long way in preventing many problems that could cause their demise.

For our current Lawn Health Care clients, ProLawn offers tree, shrub and ornamental services to feed and protect landscape investments against insects, mites, fungus, scales and diseases. We respect the fine balance between treating pests responsibly and offering effective solutions. Our services are based on sound Plant Health Care management. Plant Health Care closely parallels human health management systems in that it stresses early detection of problems, frequent monitoring, preventative care and the use of diverse treatment options. For example, our tree and shrub deep root fertilization process actually injects the nutrients into the dripline of the tree helping to last the entire growing season.

ProLawn’s Tree, Shrub and Ornamental Health Care, just as with our Lawn Health Care, is tailored to your plants’ specific needs.  The services we suggest may include:

Dormant Oil to control insects 
Spring Nutrients to feed your trees and shrubs
Early Season Protection from insects, scale and fungus
Mid Season Protection from insects, scale and fungus
Late Season Protection from insects, scale and fungus
Deep Root Fall Fertilization to feed the roots of your trees and shrubs so they strengthen over the winter months
Winter Protection from desiccation, which causes the plant to lose access to hydration

trees and shrubsCustom Tree and Shrub Care

Perhaps you need to maintain a healthy landscape, or, maybe your trees and shrubs require corrective services. In designing a custom plant care program for your trees, shrubs and ornamentals, your licensed and trained technician will carefully evaluate the overall health of your landscape plants and base all recommendations on the specific needs for each of these plants. Our highly trained staff will provide you with the most cost effective and environmentally friendly methods for maintaining the overall health and beauty of your valuable ornamental landscape plantings.  


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