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Lawn Health Care


We do lawn care differently! Unlike synthetic-focused companies that target efforts above ground, ProLawn creates a living soil profile below ground. Healthy turf begins with healthy soil. Our proprietary, organic products replenish the soil’s natural microbic activity stripped away by synthetic products.  To control weeds, produce robust roots and grow thick grass, start from the Bottom-Up.


Hello, neighbor! ProLawn began caring for lawns from our Winchester, VA location in 1981.  Four decades later, we remain a local, family-owned business.  We select products that perform in our local growing conditions, applying your services at the agronomically correct times for our local weather variances, not just the date on the calendar. We’re Local folks serving local folks!   


Anyone can say they offer Quality Client Service; read  what others have to say about their ProLawn service experience below. When clients choose ProLawn, they work with us for years – even decades. We answer phones personally. We return calls promptly. Most of all, we reduce the use of chemicals on your lawn . . . for you, your family, your pets, and our environment.

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I have been using Prolawn for years.They do an outstanding job of treating my lawn, providing expert recommendations on how to address issues I may have, and offering superb customer service. My regular technician (Donnie) not only explains how the treatments work on my idiosyncratic yard, he (and his colleagues) have also worked hard to accommodate my need to have my dogs let into the yard when they were finished (and I was not home). My lawn looks fantastic, and I completely trust their advice and treatment suggestions.
Jeanne-Marie Thomas
Jeanne-Marie Thomas
00:54 10 Mar 21
I have been very happy with Prolawn this past year. The yard was a disaster and they have turned it around. We are continuing on with them this year and looking forward enjoying a beautiful lawn. Everyone has been so helpful and friendly. After years of not wanting to use a lawn service because of the chemicals used for obvious reasons this group minimizes that by using organically whenever possible. Very, very pleased and would highly recommend them!!❤️❤️❤️
Arlene Gabbert
Arlene Gabbert
20:10 07 Jan 21
We have used Prolawn for two years. They helped bring back a lawn that was neglected for years (before we bought the home two years ago) and now our lawn looks great; less weeds, fuller grass, hardly any more bare spots, very green and lush.Jeff, our Prolawn technician, is very knowledgeable and is great at communicating our lawn's needs. He is always very pleasant. The customer service reps are always great to deal with as well. I would highly recommend Prolawn.
Marygay Cross
Marygay Cross
18:30 30 Dec 20
Great service and quality products . . . my lawn has never looked more beautiful and healthy as a result of being a ProLawn customer for the past four years . . . their care and attention has made a world of difference and saved ME a lot of time and worry . . . Thank you, ProLawn Team!!!
Erica Helm
Erica Helm
17:25 15 Nov 20


Lawn Health Care

We’re serious about producing lawns that stay full, green and healthy year round. And we do so with an Organic-based approach!  We are not a big box company where every client is just so much square feet of lawn.  We tailor each program to fit your individual lawn health care goals, working from the soil up to build a healthy, lush lawn over time.

Tree & Shrub Services

A well-landscaped property adds 5.5% to 12.7% to a home’s value. Prolawn offers tree, shrub and ornamental services to feed and protect landscape investments. Your licensed and trained technician will carefully evaluate the overall health of your landscape plants and base all recommendations on the specific needs for each of your plants as we develop your custom care plan.

Mosquito, Flea & Tick Control

It’s a fact. Mosquitoes can take a bite out of any summer event.  And, if you are among the 60% of families with a dog, fleas and ticks are additional concerns.  With ProLawn’s 100% Organic Mosquito, Flea & Tick service, you can control biting insects and have peace-of-mind you are choosing a safer alternative.

Lawn Aeration

Aeration & Seeding

Aeration helps rejuvenate your lawn.  Most soil in our area has a high clay content which tends to compact, inhibiting the turf’s ability to uptake moisture and nutrients as well as reducing healthy root growth.  Aeration provides the means to loosen the soil to correct this compaction problem.  Overseeding is best done in the fall to allow  strong, healthy root development before the stress of summer heat and drought take place the following year.