ProLawn® Account Guidelines

The following guidelines are provided concerning your account relationship with ProLawn. When you make a purchase from, the following terms and conditions apply. You, the client, automatically assume responsibility for any fees and/or conditions associated with these terms and conditions.

Auto Renew Policy: ProLawn’s program services automatically renew at the end of the prescribed number of services. Our service invoices state this policy, “Your ProLawn service is continuous from application to application, year to year, unless you notify us otherwise.” The client is responsible for personally contacting ProLawn’s office to make any changes to the program or to discontinue the service.

Cancellation Policy: As a ProLawn client you are responsible for contacting us to discontinue service and for paying all outstanding charges on your account prior to the notification to cancel. Upon cancelling services, you will receive a ProLawn cancellation confirmation number. Your account is active until you receive the cancellation number. Keep a record of this number.

You may contact our office at any time during the prescribed number of services if you wish to cancel services. There are three methods by which to cancel services. (1) Call during regular business hours at 800-776-5296 and speak with a customer service representative. Please do not cancel via voice mail. (2) Email us at (3) Send a notification via USPS to PROLAWN, PO Box 2226, Winchester, VA 22604. Your service technician cannot cancel your services.

Collection Fees: The client will be responsible for all third-party collection fees and reasonable attorney’s fees, should collection procedures become necessary.

Credit Policy: All new clients will be required to have a credit card on file for automatic processing once a service is rendered or a client can prepay the account for the year and receive a prepaid discount. ProLawn accepts American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa. All payments are due when services are rendered. Your service will be delayed if your account is not current.

Finance Charges: All past due invoices are subject to finance charges at a rate of 1½% per month (18% annually).

Fuel Surcharge Policy: In the event of increased fuel costs, we will assess a fuel surcharge, which is additional and will be shown as a separate line item on the invoice. Fuel surcharges vary based upon fuel costs and will be discontinued when fuel prices warrant.

Guarantee-Full Program: Clients purchasing the Freedom, Excel or Plus program receive free service calls. If you are not satisfied with a service, notify ProLawn within 14 days of when the service in question has been rendered. ProLawn will correct any error or deficiency on the part of ProLawn at no charge. If we cannot rectify the situation, ProLawn will refund any amount paid on the service in question. All guarantees are void on delinquent accounts over 30 days. Some service guarantees are contingent upon receiving prior services, such as pre-emergent crabgrass control.

Guarantee-Partial Program: Any client not receiving one of the above-mentioned programs will receive the free service call if ProLawn is notified within 14 days after the regularly scheduled service. However, any additional services required later than 14 days after an application may be subject to an additional charge. All guarantees are void on delinquent accounts over 30 days.

Late Fee: A $10.00 per month late fee will be assessed to all balances 30 days past due. All services will be put on credit hold until the account is current.

Prepayment Policy: ProLawn offers a prepayment discount to clients paying for programs in one annual sum. The discount rate is 5%. ProLawn reserves the right to change the rate without notice. A processing fee of $30.00 will be charged on all requests for a refund on prepaid accounts.

Returned Check Fee: ProLawn will charge a returned check fee of $25.00 for any returned checks.

Service Timing: ProLawn reserves the right to change the sequence of services during the season/year.

Effective 1/15/19


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