ProLawn® Account Guidelines

The following guidelines are provided concerning your account relationship with ProLawn. The client is responsible for any fees and/or conditions associated with these terms and conditions.

Auto Renew Policy:  Due to the nature of ProLawn’s approach to improving your lawn’s health season after season, the service agreements are continuous, year to year.  All service agreements will automatically renew at the end of each calendar year.  See Cancellation Policy below to end the service agreement.

ACH Transactions: A Client may choose to allow A ProLawn Service Corp dba ProLawn to electronically debit a checking account in the amount of the approved service agreement on the first business day of the month by completing and signing a Direct Payment ACH agreement form. This agreement form will stay in effect unless the client notifies ProLawn in writing via mail or email ( with a 30-day notice of termination of such ACH agreement.  A $50.00 charge will be assessed to all returned ACH payments due to insufficient funds.

Cancellation Policy: The client must notify ProLawn in the event they choose to discontinue the services in advance of their next scheduled service.  ProLawn will make every attempt to cancel the following service, review the client’s account, issue refunds (in the event of advance payments) or final balances owed for services rendered but not paid as soon as possible.  In all cases, the client should expect a 30-day period to reconcile the account to include issued refunds or payment by client for balances due on account.  A $30.00 processing fee will be assessed to all prepaid accounts requiring a refund at the time of cancellation.

There are three methods by which to cancel services. (1) Call during regular business hours at 800-776-5296 and speak with a client service representative. Please do not cancel via voice mail. (2) Email us at (3) Send a notification via USPS to PROLAWN, PO Box 2226, Winchester, VA 22604. A technician is not permitted to cancel a service agreement on behalf of ProLawn.  All cancellations must be addressed to a client service representative located in our business office.

Collection Fees: The client will be responsible for all third-party collection fees and reasonable attorney’s fees.

Fuel Surcharge Policy: In the event of increased fuel costs, ProLawn may assess a fuel surcharge, which is additional and will be shown as a separate line item on the invoice. Fuel surcharges vary based upon fuel costs and will be discontinued when fuel prices warrant.

Guarantee : Clients purchasing the Freedom, Excel or Plus Lawn Care Program receive free service calls. If our client is not satisfied with a service, s/he should notify ProLawn within 14 days of the service date. ProLawn will correct any error or deficiency on the part of ProLawn at no charge. All guarantees are void on accounts delinquent over 30 days. Some service guarantees are contingent upon receiving prior services, such as pre-emergent crabgrass control.  Service calls for all Freedom, Excel or Plus Lawn Care Programs are of no charge if the client notifies ProLawn within 14 days of the service date of any error or deficiency and is not delinquent in payments due.  Charges will apply for additional service required if notified after the 14-day time period.

Late Fees and Charges: All delinquent account balances are subject to a one-time $10.00 late fee and finance charges at a rate of 1½% per month (18% annually).  All scheduled services will be on hold until the account is made current.

Returned Check Fee: ProLawn will assess a $35.00 fee for all NSF check payments.

Service Timing: Due to the uncontrollable nature of the environment, ProLawn reserves the right to change the sequence of services during the season/year in order to service lawns in the appropriate manner to produce the highest possible outcome of the applications.