The ProLawn Advantage

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When Service & Results Matter… We’re The Right Choice!

ProLawn’s retention rate for existing clients is 30% higher than the national providers. Why? Exceptional service and applying the proper organic nutrients to your lawn at the right time saves you money! Don’t settle for less when you have the choice of a lawn care organization that is family owned and operated for over 40 years.

We’ll develop a custom program that addresses the specific needs of your property, strives to meet your particular lawn health care expectations and fits your property  budget.  And you’ll have…

The ProLawn Advantage:

Our organic approach makes the difference, as organic materials are used as much as possible to meet your lawn’s nutrient requirements. Over time this approach builds up your soils to increase the sustainability of your lawn.

You will have an assigned technician that will be on your lawn for approximately 80% of your services.

Your ProLawn service technician receives continuous training. Through this training and experience, he will evaluate your lawn during each visit to determine your lawn’s needs. Our customer service department will follow up with any recommendations made by your technician.

Our technicians’ focus is on the quality of their work and they are rewarded accordingly, whereas most other lawn care companies’ focus is on the number of lawns serviced each day.

At the time of your first service, your lawn health care technician will conduct the free lawn evaluation needed to create your lawn’s custom agronomic plan.  The evaluation will include recording your lawn’s pH, turf density, presence of weeds and color rating.  We will use this information, along with your expectations for your lawn health care program and your budgetary needs, to develop a program that best addresses your needs.

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EVERY ProLawn Lawn Health Care client will receive either corrective lime or maintenance lime services depending your lawn’s pH rating.  Beyond that, services may include any or all of the following depending on your customized plan:

  • Early Season Organic Based Fertilizer
  • Pre-emergent Crabgrass Control
  • Early Season Broadleaf Weed Control
  • Micronutrients & Insect Control
  • Organic Micronutrients & Summer Weed Control
  • Maintenance Lime
  • Early Fall Organic Fertilizer & Weed Control
  • Fall Organic Based Fertilizer
  • Winter Application

You may also decide to include Tree & Shrub, Mosquito, Flea & Tick, and Aeration & Overseeding services depending on your needs and budget. 

Call us at 540-662-8316 us to find out what’s right for you.