Mycorrhizal Fungi Application

Since 1981, our ProLawn team has been developing the best organic based lawn programs on the market. We have selected the best applications and sequences of treatment for in Northern Virginia, Eastern West Virginia, and Southwestern Maryland.

Our organic ProLawn Advantage includes a special ingredient….Mycorrhizal Fungi. This fungi is invisible to the naked eye, but forms a mutually beneficial relationship with grass roots, stimulating lawns in our area to grow thick and lush. Mycorrhizae do this by colonizing on grass roots, which greatly expands the absorptive areas of your lawn. If you look at the fungi under a microscope, these fungal filaments look like string and become extensions of the roots, exponentially expanding root reach into the soil. This means greater and more efficient uptake of nutrients and water by your turf grass.

Mycorrhizal Fungi Creates Healthy Lawns

mycorrhizal fungi application

Why Should I replenish Mycorrhizal Fungi for My Grass and Plants?

Soils in the Northern Virginia area are full of beneficial soil organisms, including mycorrhizal fungi. However, research shows that disruption of soil through common ground practices including, installing gardens, moving topsoil, grading, digging, compaction, removal of natural bushes and vegetation, weed overgrowth and tilling helps reduce and even eliminates mycorrhizae. Call ProLawn today to seed or lay new turf and we will add mycorrhizal fungi to the soil of your lawn, shrubs, and trees to have healthy growth throughout the years.

Many Benefits of Adding Mycorrhizal Fungi

After your lawn’s soil is teeming with mycorrhizae, you can expect a wide variety of benefits:

  • Fertilizers Work Better. The extensive tentacle-like filaments that mycorrhizal fungi send into the soil release enzymes that unlock 15 major macro and micronutrients in the fertilizer.
  • Healthy Root Systems. Green, thick, and robust lawns is what the homeowner desires in Northern VA. Healthy lawns ward off perimeter pests and diseases more easily.
  • Thick Turf Grass Establishment. Adding to your site mycorrhizae fungi when preparing your soil for seeding increases rate of establishment, and sometimes doubles the percent of grass cover and significantly increasing the root biomass. This can mean obtaining the grass coverage you desire with the first seeding, rather than having to reapply seeding several times costing money.
  • Binds The Soil. Mycorrhizae fungi helps bind soil particles, which improves the porosity and drainage of soil, and allows for air and water movement throughout the soil. The lack of compaction leads to a much healthier turf root growth.
  • Drought Resistance. Mycorrhizal fungi’s ability to reach deep into the soil for water creates turf that is better able to withstand prolonged droughts. Mycorrhizae fungi can reduce stress from moisture loss in grass and result in lawns that spring back quickly from wilting caused by dry conditions. This superior root formation resulted in grass that withstood drought much longer than grass that was not treated.

Adding Mycorrhizal fungi results in a visible difference to your lawn while also providing a variety of benefits. Notice the pot in the right containing mycorrhizal fungi resulting in a healthier, green, lush lawn.

before and after mycorrihzal fungi application

ProLawn incorporates Mycorrhizal Fungi into all of our lawn care programs.

Many high quality products that contain mycorrhizae fungi are available in the market, making it easy to incorporate the beneficial fungus into your lawn care programs.

Help Us Protect the Mycorrhizae in Your Lawn

Given all of the remarkable benefits that mycorrhizae offers your lawn, it makes sense to do whatever you can to protect the fungus, including:

  • Lawn Mulching. A protective layer of mulch shields soil organisms, including mycorrhizae, and shelters soil from temperature extremes and drying out, promoting root and mycorrhizal growth. The easiest way to mulch your lawn is to use a mulching mower that cuts the grass clippings multiple times and returns them to the lawn.
  • Lawn Fertilizing. We insure your lawn is fertilized at the appropriate time of year helping to maintain healthy mycorrhizal fungus populations in your turf.