Fall Lawn Health Care Service

Since 1981, our ProLawn team has been developing the best organic based Lawn Health Care programs on the market. We select the best applications and sequences of treatment for Northern Virginia, Eastern West Virginia, and Southwestern Maryland.  We know our local area has particular challenges with Japanese beetles, grubs, broadleaf weeds, and wiregrass, among several other invasive weeds and insects. We understand that every lawn is different. We evaluate each lawn to determine the best protocol to use to make it as healthy, green and rich as possible.

Fall Is the Time To Prepare for Next Season

Why?  Because all the action in your lawn goes below the surface from late fall through the winter months.   Planting grass in the fall means the root system has the opportunity to grow and develop throughout the winter, making for stronger, healthier grass next season.  It’s why fertilizing in the fall or early winter is a good practice too – to help feed the roots.

* Note: 1) We take an organic approach to lawn care and use organic based materials whenever possible. 2) Our liquid application treatments contain micronutrients.

Fall Lawn Health Care Services

We offer a number of other Fall treatments to resolve virtually any lawn issue you may have. We have it all covered from seeding and aeration to getting rid of pests and weeds. Below is a list of commonly requested and recommended Fall Lawn Health Care treatments and services.

Looking for landscape services for your ornamental trees and shrubs. We do that too. Ask about our programs to help maintain the health and extend the life of your home’s trees and shrubs.

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