Broadleaf Weed Control

Steps to Having a Broadleaf Weed-Free Lawn

Broadleaf weeds are prevalent in Virginia and West Virginia. They are easily recognizable. They look very different from other grasses, so it’s hard to mistake them. Generally, broadleaf weeds are found in pairs or clusters. There are several types, and most of them are common in our service area. The best way to control broadleaf weed growth is to maintain a dense, healthy lawn. However, maintenance is the easy part; it all starts with proper elimination.

There are a few general steps to take when tackling broadleaf weeds. First, positively identify the type of weed and research elimination techniques. You may find it’s manageable enough to pull by hand. If there is a more widespread problem, an herbicide spray is recommended. The positive to broadleaf weed control is that the composition of the weed is very unlike grass, so when using herbicide you don’t risk harming desirable surrounding grass. A step that’s oftentimes overlooked is to alter the environment. This is especially true if it’s promoting weed growth.  Reducing shade and improving soil conditions are beneficial to preventing future weed growth.  Proper soil PH is major in preventing weed growth and is most often overlooked as a solution. When the soil PH is correct, all cultural practices become more effective in improving the quality of your lawn.

How to Best use Herbicides on Broadleaf Weeds

A precautionary note on using herbicides—plan in advance when this will take place.  It’s important to make sure the conditions are optimal for application.  Avoid using herbicides on windy or hot days. Look ahead in the forecast to ensure no rain is expected for 24 hours post-application. Also, plan not to mow the lawn for a few days both before and after treating. Don’t spray a newly seeded lawn, and as a general rule of thumb, wait 4 mowings before using herbicide. Remember, herbicides only work when the weeds are actively growing.  Just like aeration, treatment with herbicides must be timed appropriately.  Early to mid fall is the optimal time to use herbicides on broadleaf weeds.

ProLawn’s Organic Approach to Broadleaf Elimination

It is possible to slow down the weed invasion and ultimately get complete weed control.  The best strategy combines basic lawn health care methods with year-round herbicide applications. Many of our customers are moving toward organic lawn care whenever possible. To learn more about our organic approach to eliminating broadleaf weeds, contact ProLawn today. Our experienced and knowledgeable technicians will show you how to best minimize the number of weeds growing in your lawn—and keep it that way all year long.