Wiregrass: A More Frequent Problem


What is Wiregrass

Wiregrass is a warm-season grass commonly found along the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic coast. The scientific name for wiregrass is Aristida stricta. It’s often associated with Bermudagrass; the two species have similar characteristics. Wiregrass might also be referred to as pineland threeawn.

Wiregrass species spread like a vine, and becomes heavily matted into the soil essentially forming its own turf. Wiregrass is aggressive and will grow through anything. Once present, it is extremely difficult to tackle. Homeowners would agree it’s one of the worst weed grasses they’ve dealt with in their lawn and gardens, and unfortunately it is becoming a more frequent problem.

Wiregrass Control and Removal

Until recently the only effective control for wiregrass was several non-select herbicide applications. Due to advances in the turf industry there are now products available to selectively control wiregrass. This ensures that ornamentals and other desirable grass species aren’t harmed. ProLawn has several wiregrass removal remediation programs available depending on the density and depth of the infestation area. Contact ProLawn today for more information on our organic approach to wiregrass elimination, and other helpful, expert advice.