What is slit seeding and why is it Important?


Slit Seeding Benefits from ProLawn

The lawn is the first noticeable feature of any home or property, and it visually frames the entire space. Unfortunately, maintaining a healthy, lush lawn is no easy feat. Lawns suffer from poor soil, bad weather, pests, and many other issues. Potential problems that weeds can create and even exacerbate include the thinning of grass and bald patches. Special attention and routine work is required to overcome these challenges.

Lawn Transition Zone: Northern & West Virginia

Our lawn service areas in Northern Virginia and West Virginia are particularly challenged when it comes to turf growth and maintenance. We are located in what is referred to as the “transition zone”. This classification determines the best varieties and cultivars of turf to grow. It also dictates when and how the lawn is maintained.

Late summer and early fall provide the best opportunities to seed and aerate a lawn. During this time, lawns are highly receptive to vigorous growth, especially as they come out of summer inactivity. Many people are aware of the optimum time to rejuvenate their lawns, but they are unfamiliar with the alternatives and options. Aerating is a common method, but people should familiarize themselves with the differences and benefits of slit seeding.

Dramatic Lawn Improvement with Slit Seeding

Slit seeding is a better option for faster, more dramatic lawn improvements. Slit seeding allows moisture and fertilizers to enter and mix with the soil. Unlike an aerator, which pokes holes in the soil, the slit seeder is equipped with a series of rotating knives that cut into the soil forming narrow grooves. The depth of the cut can easily be adjusted on the machine and is determined by the density of the soil. The seed-to-soil contact that results from slit seeding increases germination of the seed much more than with aerating.

Don’t be mistaken, aeration is a critical element of the seeding process. Although, each process has its primary purpose. Slit seeding is the recommended method if you need to encourage new growth, when your lawn is thinning or suffering from bald patches. Aerating and broadcast seeding is best when you simply need to liven up compacted soil and allow moisture to penetrate. If you aren’t quite sure what your lawn needs, call the experts at ProLawn. We’ll identify the issues and do what it takes to get your lawn looking healthy, dense and lush.

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