Time to Touch Up Your Roots for Winter!

snow covered grass

When temperatures drop, grass stops growing above the ground and accelerates downward to grow roots for the following summer. This requires energy – nutrients.
Healthy root systems help the turf survive summer heat and drought as well as resist insects and fungus.  The experts at Virginia Cooperative Extension say, “Fall is the OPTIMAL time to aggressively fertilize cool-season turfgrasses (bluegrasses, fescues, and ryegrasses).  Cooling temperatures and shorter days provide ideal conditions to maximize root growth and food storage in cool-season turfgrasses.”snow covered grass

Read more about fertilizing from VCE @ http://swurl.it/P8T3W
Give your lawn vital winter nutrients and grow a sustainable root system with ProLawn’s naturally formulated, organic-based Winterizer enriched with potash & micronutrients.
If you invested in aeration and seeding this fall, we highly recommend adding the Winterizer now to help new seedlings establish robust root systems for a rewarding spring green-up and denser turf. ProLawn’s Winterizer can:

  • Reduce summer browning
  • Increase the lawn’s resistance to fungal diseases
  • Increase turf density
  • Improve overall lawn appearance

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