Lawn Renovation: Yard Care Tips

heat stressed lawn

How your Lawn Can Thrive in Spring and Summer Heat

Hot summer weather in Virginia and most other areas of the country can take a serious toll on lawns and you may be noticing signs of stress in your turf as the summer wears on. If your grass needs more than regular care because of heat, Prolawn can help bring it back to life again. Lawn revival can involve several tactics, including aeration, reseeding, adding nutrients, and more. Our experts can handle all your lawn’s needs  and let you relax while we help your grass thrive.

Depending on your turf’s condition, your lawn renovation needs may include:


Organic micro nutrients:

to encourage quick recovery from summer stress and a stronger, thicker grass root system.

Core Aeration:

to open up pathways for air, water and fertilizer to reach the roots more easily.
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to thicken up your lawn is accomplished by core aeration and seeding. Seeding is the best way to get new seed established.

Top dressing:

with organic matter that will improve soil structure. This procedure also encourages deeper rooting of your turf and improves heat tolerance. It helps reduce soil borne diseases and thatch build up while loosening heavy clay soil and increasing nutrient availability.

If summer weather is doing a number on your lawn, call ProLawn today at 800-776-5296 for some more information on our customized lawn renovation services.

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