Overseeding (when done right!) Is a Good Investment for Your Lawn! Part I

ProLawn Lawn Aeration diagram

Part I – What is Overseeding and Why Does It Work?

Would you like your lawn to be thicker, greener, and have greater resistance to disease and drought?  Who wouldn’t, right!?!  While having such a lawn doesn’t happen overnight, it is more attainable than you might think.  Overseeding, when done at the right time of year (i.e. late summer or early fall in NOVA, NOT in Spring! Why? Find out HERE!) is an incredibly important step to getting a thicker, greener, more disease and drought tolerant lawn.  Read on to find out why, then give Prolawn a call at 800-776-5296 to find out how we go about it the right way!


Overseeding is simply the planting of new seed directly onto existing turf, without ripping out the existing turf or tearing out the soil.  Have bare spots (not bare areas – that’s a different service)? Overseed.  Have a thin lawn? Overseed.  Have a “tired, worn out” looking lawn? Overseed.  Get the idea😊

If you have an older, established lawn, chances are it full of turf grasses not meant for the way today’s homeowner uses outdoor space.  Even if you have a newer lawn, if you’re in a subdivision, the turf many builders put in offer a short term “wow” factor but aren’t necessarily meant to stand the test of time – or foot and paw traffic!

By overseeding newer strains of turfgrass developed specifically for the soil and climate conditions of northern Northern Virginia, you can help an established lawn better tolerate insects, disease, drought, heavy traffic and even share.  Investing in overseeding can also mean reducing the need for fertilizing, watering, and pesticides to keep your lawn healthy.  ProLawn The biggest benefit of all – a renovated lawn remains greener and grows thicker and healthier!

The best time to Overseed is Late Summer or Early Fall!  The soil and temperatures are at an optimum for both seed germination and growth at this time of year here in Northern Virginia.  We also have enough moisture and sunlight this time of year for new seedlings to be well established before the cooler fall weather takes hold.  An added bonus to overseeding at this time of year is weed competition is significantly lower than in the spring growing season.

Read Part II – Proper Preparation Before Overseeding and Proper Care After Overseeding HERE! 

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