Organic approach to mosquito control

We need the rain and we love the warm weather.  And so do mosquitoes.  In addition to being annoying, and their bites being itchy, mosquitoes are downright dangerous as they carry a number of viruses and diseases.  We count on their natural enemies such as birds, bats, and dragonflies to help keep down the mosquito population.

Fogging with insecticides

When mosquitoes are in the larvae stage, fish, frogs and tadpoles feast on them too.  But natural enemies are not enough to keep these pests from “eating us alive” when grilling out or playing a game of corn hole in the backyard.

Mosquitoes transmit diseases.

There are lots of chemicals out there to suppress mosquitoes, but many of them can be harmful to the environment, pets, and people.  The solution for one problem creates new issues.  So, what to do?

There are several things you can do to deter mosquitoes from hanging out in your yard that protect you from mosquitoes while remaining people, pet and planet friendly!

  1.  Get rid of standing water.  Mosquitoes love to breed in standing water, so make sure you eliminate it as much as possible.  Pots that collect water when it rains, kiddie swimming pools, and water features that don’t have moving water are culprits (i.,e., ponds vs fountains).
  2. When standing water is impossible to remove, add coffee grounds.  Coffee may help you jump start your day, but they deter young mosquitoes growth and survival.  Unused grounds seem to work better than used.
    Stagnant water provides breeding ground for mosquitoes
  3. Citronella plants.  Yes, you can burn citronella candles when you’re out in the yard, and the concentrated oil from citronella plants seem to work better than the live plants, but they still act as a deterrent.
  4. Create opportunities for a nice breeze in your yard.  How?  Cut back shrubs and bushes that block airflow position sheds and other permanent structures in such a way that they encourage rather than block natural airflow.  The more airflow, the less likely mosquitoes will linger.

Here at Prolawn, we take an organic approach to our mosquito control services that is effective while at the same time safe for people, pets, and the wildlife you work to attract to your outdoor living spaces.  Call us at 540.662.8316 or read about our Mosquito Defense approach HERE to learn more about our organic approach to mosquito control.