Nimblewill: An Invasive Southern Weed Grass

nimblewill grass weed

Nimblewill is a grass species found in a large portion of the eastern United States. It is particularly prevalent in Virginia. Botanically classified as Muhlenbergia schreberi, Nimblewill is a warm-season perennial grass. It may also be referred to as dropseed grass.

Although it looks similar, nimblewill is not to be confused with bentgrass or Bermudagrass.

Nimblewill is an invasive southern weed grass that is becoming a more common problem in our service area. It is a fine-textured, wiry grass species that forms dense mats as it grows and spreads. Homeowners may try to amend the soil for better drainage, and improve sunlight in shady areas, but nimblewill is an aggressive plant.

The process of eliminating nimblewill uses a completely different product and method than used in controlling wiregrass. However, similar to tackling wiregrass, we offer a selective approach to controlling the problem, and have unique programs that target nimblewill specifically. ProLawn’s technicians have the experience and knowledge necessary to help you combat these pesky grass species in your lawn and garden. Contact us today to learn more.