Mosquito, Tick & Flea Prevention

We’ve had an incredibly mild winter, which means the growing season has started earlier than usual.  In fact, January was 7 degrees above normal and February was recorded by NOAA as being 6 degrees above normal. March will likely follow suit. That means pests like mosquitoes, ticks and fleas are primed to take over your outdoor living space.

Here are several environmentally sound ways for you to control these pests while also providing protection for you, your family and your pets not only from the annoyance, but the dangerous diseases, that mosquitoes, ticks and fleas bring.


Mosquito sucking blood.

When it comes to mosquitoes, one of the easiest things you can do is eliminate standing water. Mosquitoes love to breed in standing water, so make sure you eliminate it as much as possible.  Pots that collect water when it rains, kiddie swimming pools, and water features that don’t have moving water are culprits (i.,e., ponds vs fountains).

When standing water is impossible to remove, add coffee grounds.  Coffee may help you jump start your day, but they deter young mosquitoes growth and survival.  Unused grounds seem to work better than used. For more organic mosquito defense tips, click here:


Ticks and Fleas

Controlling ticks and fleas is all about controlling the wildlife and their habitats in your yard. No, we’re not suggesting you get rid of wildlife! You DO want to keep your grass trimmed and remove wood piles and other organic debris gathering spots to discourage mice, squirrels and other wild life from taking up residence in your yard. And don’t invite deer into your landscape either!

A natural method to control ticks and fleas in your yard is to use cedar wood chips in your plant beds and around the perimeter of your yard. Another approach is to use Nematodes, tiny worms available for purchase at many garden centers, as they feed on larvae and eggs.

Tick life cycle chart courtesy

When it comes to ticks, wear light clothing as it’s easier to spot ticks on light surfaces. For dogs and cats, use herbal pet collars and spray their bedding and favorite resting spot with plant based sprays. To read more about our Tick & Flea Defense Program, click here:

Let the Professionals Handle Your Yard Pests

Enjoying the Back Yard

Here at ProLawn, we focus on Environmentally Sound and Organically Based treatment programs and services. We apply monthly treatments with organic active ingredients to target mosquitoes, ticks and fleas where they live. The treatments help protect against the diseases these pests can carry and transmit.


After reading this post, be sure to contact the Pros at ProLawn at 540.662.8316 with any questions or to find out more about our Environmentally Sound, Organically Based Mosquito, Tick and Flea Control and Prevention Programs.