Embrace Your (Grass) Roots!

Fertilzer being spread on lawn

FALL Lawn Fertilization = A Healthier Lawn ALL Year!

Fertilizing in the Fall is key to a green lawn next summer!   Fall brings ideal growing conditions for your lawn with cool nights, warm days, ample rainfall and morning dew. These conditions are just about as good as it gets for grass. This is when your lawn is ready to grow again, and is looking for the nutrients it needs to recover from summer damage.Healthy Lawn

“Feeding” your lawn will rejuvenate it one last time before going dormant in winter.  Why is this so important? You want to stimulate the roots to grow and strengthen to ensure they can endure the harsh conditions winter brings.  These nutrients will strengthen roots and increase nitrogen storage for an early spring green up.  Stronger roots will also promote a healthier lawn next summer – one that can better withstand the heat and drought conditions we often experience. It is extremely important that your lawn have as much of the proper root-developing nutrients it can get to weather the severe change in conditions we experience from season-to-season, year-in and year-out.  Research has verified that late fall is the most important period of the year for lawn fertilization.

Simply stated, what goes on beneath the surface is KEY to what you see above ground!  Fertilizing now takes your lawn right into and through the winter months.

Prolawn’s “Winterizer“  application is a specially formulated professional grade fertilizer that provides the nourishment needed by every part of your turf;-those you can see, and those working underground. The nutrients supplied now can be converted and stored up for support of a strong, deep-rooted lawn. It helps to prepare your lawn for earlier green-up and healthier growth next spring.

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