Crape Myrtle Agronomic Alert

The University of Maryland County Extension Service issued an Agronomic Advisory for Crape Myrtle Bark Scales (CMBS) in mid October, 2021. These pests are an invasive insect and feed primarily on ornamental crape myrtles. CMBS can move through a neighborhood quickly. Several of our clients in NOVA have reported the problem, and ProLawn is already sending out technicians for remediation services.

CMBS rarely kill trees outright. They negatively affect the plant by minimizing or preventing flowering; stunting growth; and causing branch die back. The insects produce a sticky, honeydew substance that grows a black, sooty mold fungus making it difficult for trees to photosynthesize and produce life-sustaining chlorophyll.

CMBS appear as small white/gray, felt-like encrustations near pruning sites and in branch crotches on the bark. The first visual sign of the pest, however, may be the black, sticky, sooty mold on the bark or leaves.

You can read more at the UMD Extension site here:

To learn more about scale, aphids and mites in general, click here:

If you suspect your crape myrtles may be infected, call us TODAY or text a photo to us at 1-800-776-5296 along with your name and zip code. You can also email a photo to for confirmation of the pest and a recommended control.