Aerate & Overseed for a Thick, Healthy Lawn

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Why It’s Important to Aerate and Overseed

aeration plugs
Aeration Plugs

What is Aeration?

There is more to a healthy lawn than just watering and cutting it. A beautiful lawn needs a good foundation and that foundation is the soil in which it grows.

Aeration of your lawn is needed on a regular basis to keep your lawn’s foundation healthy.  This is where our experienced ProLawn technicians come in. They provide core aeration which removes small, finger sized plugs of soil and thatch from the lawn and deposit it on the soil’s surface. Within these plugs are microbes that live just below the surface. These microbes begin to chew away the layer of thatch and over time, that layer turns into a form of compost that is actually beneficial to the lawn. Eventually, the small holes will fill back in with surrounding topsoil, giving your lawn’s root system more room to develop and spread out.

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Progression of Aeration & Overseeding Benefits

Why does your lawn need Aeration?

It’s simple: Most of the soils in our area have high clay content. This clay tends to compact which inhibits the turf’s ability to uptake moisture and nutrients as well as reducing healthy root growth.

Aeration provides the means to loosen the soil to correct this compaction problem. Also, over time, your lawn will naturally build up thatch. Thatch is simply an intermingled layer

consisting of dead stems, roots, and leaves. This layer builds between actively growing grass and the soil underneath it; when the layer becomes too thick, it prevents water, nutrients and flow of air from reaching the soil layer. Aeration assists in reducing this problem of thatch build up.

For healthy grass to keep growing on your lawn aeration needs to be part of your lawn maintenance.

There are several benefits for core aeration. The most obvious one is that it helps rejuvenate your lawn and keeps it looking healthy. Other benefits include:

  • Enhanced soil water uptake
  • Reduced soil compaction
  • Improved fertilizer uptake and use
  • Enhanced heat and drought stress tolerance
  • Reduced water runoff and puddling
  • Improved resiliency and cushioning
  • Improved turf grass rooting
  • Enhanced thatch breakdown
  • Improved air exchange between soil & atmosphere

What is Overseeding? 

Would you like to your lawn to be thicker, greener, and have greater resistance to disease and drought?  Who wouldn’t, right!?!  While having such a lawn doesn’t happen overnight, it is more

Aerated Soil Ready to Receive Overseeding
Aerated Soil Ready to Receive Overseeding

attainable than you might think.  Overseeding, when done at the right time of year (i.e. late summer or early fall, NOT in spring!) is an incredibly important step to getting a thicker, greener, more disease and drought tolerant lawn.

Overseeding is simply the planting of new seed directly onto existing turf, without ripping out the existing turf or replacing the soil.  Have bare spots?  Overseed.  Have a thin lawn? Overseed.  Have a “tired, worn out” looking lawn?  Overseed!

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ProLawn Uses a Propriety Blend of Grass Seed

If you have an older, established lawn, chances are it is full of turf grasses not meant for the way today’s homeowner uses outdoor space.  Even if you have a newer lawn, if you’re in a subdivision, the turf many builders install offers a short term “wow” factor but isn’t necessarily meant to stand the test of time – or foot and paw traffic! 

Why Does Overseeding Work?

By overseeding newer strains of turf grass developed specifically for the soil and climate conditions of ProLawn’s service area, you can help an established lawn better tolerate insects, disease, drought, and heavy foot traffic.  Investing in overseeding can also mean reducing the need for fertilizing, watering, and pesticides to keep your lawn healthy.  The biggest benefit of all – a renovated lawn remains greener and grows thicker and healthier!

before and after comparison
A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words!

The best time to Overseed is SOON – Late Summer or Early Fall!  The soil and temperatures are at an optimum for both seed germination and growth at this time of year here in Northern Virginia.  We have enough moisture and sunlight this time of year too for new seedlings to be well established before the cooler fall weather takes hold.  An added bonus to overseeding at this time of year is weed competition is significantly lower than in the spring growing season.



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